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With our Bat House Discussion Forum, tips and information, we strive to share bat and bat house knowledge quickly yet responsibly. What is a bat house? A bat house is an artificial roost created for bats. By attracting and appreciating bats you can help yourself while helping them by providing them a seasonal home. Insectivorous bats are major consumers of insects and are extremely valuable.  Once attracted bats often utilize the same bat houses every year.

Did you know that just one brown bat eats  thousands of insects nightly! Hollywood myths, superstition and ignorance has  done great harm to bats our only flying mammal and beneficial efficient insect eater.  By greatly reducing insects populations, bats will additionally reward you by providing (guano) bat excrement the most potent natural fertilizer available and last but not least by their amazing flying capabilities which surely captivate. Our bat house enthusiasts and experts will most certainly be able to help you with  any questions you might have.  Thanks for helping to save our valuable BATS! Oh yes! don't forget to mount a bat house or better yet multiple bat houses! - 2018